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Automatic transmissions

Automatic transmissions are now the main choice of most drivers in the world.

– Easy to change gears without any hassle

– Get rid of three traditional pedals

– Lower fuel consumption

– Intelligence and day-to-day development of automatic transmissions and increasing its efficiency and performance

– Planetary gears have changed gears faster than manual transmissions.

The use of ecu and a large number of sensors has led to better and more efficient decisions, which has reduced fuel consumption by prioritizing engine power and selecting the appropriate gear.

Under normal circumstances, it may seem that automatic transmissions are limited to selecting only the automatic mode, but there are many variations

Under normal circumstances, it may seem that automatic transmissions are limited to selecting only the automatic mode, but there are many variations.

Let’s take a look at the types of automatic transmissions, maybe we learned something new!


Traditional automatic transmissions:

This gearbox model is known as an automatic torque converter.

Almost used in most cars.

This model uses a hydraulic coupling or a Converto torque instead of a gear.

The ECU connects directly to this mechanism to allow precise control of the engine and vehicle.

Automatic cars change gears easily, but this gear change does not happen fast all the time. These models are called “slushbox”.

Of course, despite some popular models of this gearbox, such as the ZF 8-SPEED, which has changed this perception on BMW and Jaguar,

Some of the popular models of this gearbox model are mounted on Porsche Panamera, kia sportage, BMW X1

CVT gearboxes:

Use straps or pulleys instead of traditional steel gears.

Continuous transmission of changes is possible for rotation of the gear without slack with different ratios depending on the engine speed or engine speed.

Maximum efficiency and continuous acceleration along with economical fuel consumption is the output of this gearbox.

However, engine noise can also be loud.

There are two types of CVT:

CVT Hydrostatic uses hydrostatic motors and variable displacement pumps to transfer power to the motor.

Toroidal CVT in this type uses disk and plate to transfer power.

nissan murano and other cars use this gearbox model.

Semi-automatic gearboxes:

You may call this gearbox semi-automatic, but it has other names as well.

This type of automatic transmission uses the clutch and gear settings regularly, but,

Uses sensors, actuators, processors and hydraulic solenoid valves to replace traditional gears.

These gearboxes are not recommended for driving in the city because they are known for their hard acceleration and therefore their fuel consumption is high over long distances.

Among the cars used is the Audi A5

DCT gearboxes (double clutch):

A combination of automatic and manual transmission

The DCT gearbox has no torque converter or torque converter.

Instead, use two separate shafts, each with its own clutch to shift gears.

One for single gears and the other for even gears.

Shifting gears to higher and lower gears is smooth and soft.

But they can be noisy gearboxes.

Among the cars equipped with this gearbox is Renault Capture.

The new generation of automatic gearboxes called gearbox clutch twin (TCG) was first introduced by Volkswagen under the name of Direct Shift Gearbox

Or direct gear change was introduced. So far, it has been installed on cars such as Golf GTI MK5, as well as Golf, R32, Audi TT, etc. The most important feature of this gearbox is the removal of the converter torque.

The power transmission in the DSG is performed by two small four-layer clutches embedded in oil (similar to a motorcycle clutch system). Each of these clutches is connected to one of the two coaxial shafts in the gearbox. The first shaft and clutch are engaged with single gears and reverse gears, and the second shaft and clutch are engaged with even gears.

The components and technologies used in automatic transmissions are programmed to maximize car engine speed before shifting gears.

This is because it puts less pressure on the car engine and also makes it easier for the user to control the car.

But if you want to race with your car or you are tired of boring driving on the streets, automatic transmissions are definitely not for you.

In 1971, Porsche designers first tested a new type of automatic transmission on the older version of the 911, which allowed the driver to experience a conventional transmission at the same time as having an automatic transmission.

Porsche did not introduce this new powertrain until 1980, but at the end of the same year, along with its new generation 911, it introduced the first series of Tronic gearboxes.

The Porsche Tronic type system, now known exclusively as the PDK, allows car owners to combine the comfort and convenience of an automatic transmission with the excitement and speed of a conventional gearbox.
In 1990, with the expansion of the Tronic type, Porsche enabled the rest of the world’s car companies to use this transmission system.

The Tronic Brigade allowed drivers to race in their own cars, and the Tronic Brigade was arguably a major revolution in the automotive industry.

Which led to a 20% increase in participants in local rallies and competitions around the world.

By observing the following points, you guarantee the health of your gearbox:


– Check the gearbox oil at regular intervals.

– Use the type of oil according to the gearbox of your car.

– Service your car engine cooling system.

– Drain the gearbox oil every once in a while.

– Do not change gears while the car is moving.

– Wait a while for the car to warm up before moving.

– Do not drive with spare tires for a long time.

– Replace the gearbox filter every once in a while.

– Do not use your car as a trailer.

– Go to the repair shop once a year to check the condition of the gearbox.