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Bmmotors Specialized Car Repair Center offers original parts with a written quality guarantee

What are Genuine Parts?

The main parts are used to build the car.

The original parts are precisely selected by the vehicle manufacturer and tested as an integral part of it to meet quality, safety and performance standards.

The use of these parts ensures the optimal performance of the car and protects you while driving.

If your car needs replacement parts during repairs, it is essential to use the original parts.

Original parts are only parts approved by the car manufacturer, if you use anything else you may be at risk.

What are Non Genuine Parts?

Non-original parts may look like original parts.


But it is not approved by the manufacturer of your car.


And it has never been tested by the manufacturer as an integral part of your car.


Certainly non-original parts can not have the same quality and safety features as an original part.


If you have repaired your vehicle after an accident or as part of general maintenance, non-original parts may have been installed on the vehicle without your knowledge.


There are several types of non-core components and it is important that you know the difference between them.



The following are categories of non-essential parts that can find their way onto your vehicle:

Counterfeit parts:

Counterfeit and illegal parts that are sold as original parts.


They may be sealed with the serial number and logo of the car manufacturer to deceive customers into thinking they are the original parts.


The use of these parts, especially motorized and sensitive parts, can cause a huge risk and a great deal of damage.


Because most counterfeit parts are produced poorly and substandard materials are used in their manufacture.

Original similar parts:

Made by or with the approval of the car manufacturer.

But it is not necessarily produced for cars inside Iran and has somehow entered the country.

The danger of using similar parts is that they do not come through the supply chain, so they may not work properly on cars inside Iran and in Iranian weather conditions.

Parts used in after-sales service:

It is not produced by the automaker and is not used in the production line.


Produced by another company as an alternative to a real part.


After-sales parts because they are used during the warranty period of the car and this service is free, so they have a lower quality than the original parts.


They pose a risk because they are not manufactured by the car manufacturer and do not necessarily provide the quality and safety that should be a part of them.

Stock parts:

They have been removed from a damaged car and cleaned for use in repairing other vehicles.


The danger of stock parts is that they may be damaged in an accident and worn out, or damaged or damaged by washing with non-standard materials.


All of these factors can affect the performance of the car and stop some of the proper work.


There is also no guarantee that the part is genuine and opened from a healthy vehicle as it may have been opened from a self-repaired vehicle with a non-original part used.


These parts can only be used if the automaker has rebuilt the original parts and sold them.

Bmmotors Specialized Car Repair Center offers original parts with a written quality guarantee