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BMW, which stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke. The conical design in the image of the “BMW logo” shows the aircraft propellers and the colors white and blue (the flag of the state of Bavaria, Germany) symbolize the .symbol of their place of production

BMW was founded in 1916 by Franz Josef Pope. The company now owns Rolls-Royce Motors Cars and Winnipeg. In 2015, Bahamu produced more than 2.4 million vehicles. The company currently has car factories in Germany, Brazil, China, India, South Africa and the United States. Today, the majority of Beaumont shares are owned by the Quandet family (Stephen Quandt 29%, and Susan Quandet Clatten 21%). About half of the company’s shares are also available to the general public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The main motto of this company (enjoy) or in German (Freude am Fahren) in England (The Ultimate Driving Machine) means (ultimately a car) is the motto of this company! The English slogan (sheer driving pleasure) or (real driving pleasure) is also used in some areas by BMW.

By following the tips below and with a regular maintenance program, under the supervision of an experienced repair shop, you can use your bmw for many years without any problems.

Your bmw tells you that it needs service? !!!

The good news is that new BMW models use technology to let you know how long it takes to maintain. SII (Service Interval Indicator) bmmotors.ir tracks your service history to let you know when you need maintenance services.

(We will explain more about this option in future articles.) A Candition Based Servicing System or CBS A condition-based service system, CBS mainly makes bmw a smart car. Be able to learn how you drive and the environmental conditions in which you are usually located. Works with BMW computers to maintain car components, including oil and cabin filters, front and rear brake pads and spark plugs. It notifies you via the desktop screen and the iDrive screen that it is time to replace these parts. The alert will start four weeks before the part is lost. This system also monitors brake fluid, tire pressure, engine oil, just pay attention to its messages, that’s it !!!!!!!!!!




Constantly check the condition of your tires:
Check your tires monthly, the computer only monitors the tire pressure and does not detect wear.

Check rubber hoses and engine hoses:
When checking the condition of tires, rubber hoses and engine hoses, also check for cracks, seals, clamps and water leaks.

Change your bmw engine oil every 12,000 kilometers or 7,500 miles Be careful not to overdo it !:
Increase the life of your engine parts by changing the oil every 12,000 kilometers.

Check spark plugs and air filters:
Spark angles change at certain intervals in each engine. And the air filters must be replaced at each oil change and if they are defective.

See bmmotors for all your service needs:
Finally, use only the recommended bmw parts. Bmmotors specialized car repair center uses original spare parts and the best oils approved by bmw company. And all services in this center are provided with a guarantee that calms the customer’s mind about the services. Free consultation phone: 09122210162